Fee/Insurance Info


Fees are paid – TERMLY IN ADVANCE – and are non-refundable. The amount is determined by the number of hours each gymnast attends. Fees are paid in advance before the end of term to reserve your child/children’s/YOUR place for the next term. Included within the fees: – SSG Club Membership; occasional Newsletters; (children only) 1 competition entry for SSG Annual Club Competition, which includes 1 free raffle ticket per entrant.

British Gymnastics Membership/Insurance – rates for 2018/19

This compulsory fee is paid annually and covers the period 1st October – 30th September, this year’s rates are £17.00 for non-competitive gymnasts and £41.00 for *Competitive gymnasts.  Preschool Insurance is £11.00. SSG sends your full insurance payment to British Gymnastics Head Office in Lilleshall. For any issues with renewing or joining BG membership, please contact them direct. (All insurance for 2018/19 remains at last year’s rates).


Last sessions of the year are on Friday 14th December.   


First sessions of 2019 are on Monday 7th January.


       What’s needed                      Just fees

       When is it needed                 by 14th DECEMBER (before the Christmas break)

       Periods covered                    7th January-15th April

      SPRING/SUMMER TERM 2 (APR-JUL)                 

       What’s needed                      Just fees

       When is it needed                 by 15th APRIL (before the Easter break)

       Periods covered                     23rd April-24th July

     WINTER TERM 3 (SEP-DEC)                       

       What’s needed                      Fees AND BG Membership/Insurance (see above)

       When is it needed                 by 24th JULY (before school holidays)

       Periods covered                    2nd September-13th December

Unless the coach informs you otherwise, we do not stop for half terms.

The recreational side of the club (once/twice a week gymnasts) stop for a summer break as per the school holidays. However, some gymnasts may be offered extra sessions at the coach’s discretion. PLEASE DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON YOUR CHILD’S COACH, REMEMBER THEY ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS.

* Competitive = usually takes part in 2 or more external competitions per year