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Sorry but all the Summer Fun days places are filled. 
NOTE: Age limits for Summer Fun  Sessions are between 5yrs and 14yr old children.

CONTACT SSG GYM SHOP by email ssg-shop@outlook.com


  1. Gymnasts should come ready dressed to participate, wherever possible leaving outer clothing with parents. 
  2. Gymnasts will need a bag which is big enough to contain all their possessions as they will need to  carry this around the gym with them and deposit it in the spaces provided at each piece of equipment. 
  3. Gymnasts should bring a drink (bottles can no longer be refilled at the gym ) and their own chalk in an appropriate small box, (blocks of chalk are available to purchase at £1.50). 
  4. We ask that gymnasts use the toilet before they come to gym as we want to keep the use of toilets to a minimum. 
  5. All hair should be tied up as we are no longer allowed to supply bands and all piercings should be  removed and any new ones (6 weeks or less) should be covered with tape as we are also no longer allowed to supply this. 
  6. ON ARRIVAL , gymnasts should wait outside on the painted circles 1 metre apart outside unit 4. When their session starts , one of the coaches will let them in, take their temperatures and tick them in on the register..  
    • AT THE FIRST SESSION – All gymnasts should have an envelope with their fee payment in or envelope sized piece of paper, with their name on, method & date of payment and an emergency contact number which will be used only in the case of illness or other emergency by your child’s session coach.  
  7. Once registered, gymnasts will sanitise their hands (sanitiser will be available, but gymnasts may wish to have their own in their bag.) They will then enter the gym where they will be instructed where to go for their warm up. Participants will be further required to wash their hands or sanitise them after each piece of equipment and before leaving the building. 
  8. Coaches will clean and sanitise each piece of equipment they have used at the end of each rotation. 
  9. Parents are asked to arrive promptly at the end of sessions and collect gymnasts from outside the  door in unit 3. 
  10. NO parents are allowed in the building during sessions 



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