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Adult Sessions

You are never too old to start Gymnastics, or maybe you attended a club when you were younger and wondered whether you can still hold a handstand, do a cartwheel, flick or more.
Why not come along to our popular sessions to meet old friends, make new friends.
We cater for ALL abilities from complete novices through to formers competing in the Annual British Veterans Championships.

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Our qualified coaches Lauren Cordingley, Helen David and Kerry Reynolds run these classes during term time only on Tuesday  and Friday mornings.                                                         Please email for any enquiries.

10.00 – 10.45am 
11.00 – 11.45am   
12noon – 12.45pm – Friday only

There is no waiting list for these classes as they run on a “pay as you go basis” at a cost of £4 (Cash Only Please) each visit.
After attending twice, you will be asked to pay the £13 compulsory BG Bronze Kindergym Annual Membership/Insurance fee.



We encourage all children to enjoy the sport in a disciplined but friendly environment.
All guardians/parents are responsible for their children and are required to join in during the sessions, making it a nice social event.
After two visits, guardians/parents are  asked to complete the gyms waiting list form, so when the child is old enough (5/6 years old) a space should be available for them.


There are 3 badges/certificates to achieve before graduating in the July before they start reception class at school.

Red Badge One is for four tasks from each category, Action, Balance, Coordination.

Blue Badge Two is for seven tasks from each Category.

Green Badge Three is for ten tasks from each category.


After two visits, each child is given an attendance book which is stamped each week by the teacher.
Each term they may work towards achieving the three  badges & certificates (Cost of £3.50 per badge and certificate).




End of Year Graduation